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It’s a boy! It’s a girl! (Or maybe it’s even both if you have had twins). Your newborn has arrived, and your life has changed forever.

Those first several weeks with your new baby can be remarkable, but they can also be diligent. Learning how to feed your little one, help him sleep and understand his constant needs can keep you on your toes. But if something is troubling you today, do not worry too much. You might be surprised just how different some parts of your little one’s life can be from week to the next one at this stage.

What’s Happening

Here is something to help ease your sanity: Life for your baby is quite simple right now. All that matters to him is eating every few hours, sleeping frequently and safely, having a clean diaper and getting a lot of love. That’s it. But for you Mum, as a new parent and all that requires, life may feel considerably more challenging. So focus on just those necessities – your baby’s basic needs. They will be plenty to keep you occupied as you slowly get the hang of stuff.

This is the time to put cleaning, laundry and other chores on hold as much as possible. Ask your family or friends for aid. Order dinner in if you can. Do not bother keeping up with email. Consult your healthcare provider or a lactation consultant if you need help in the feeding department.

How’s Baby Look?

Regardless of what movies might have you believe, newborns do not emerge from the womb picture-perfect – it usually takes a couple of days to a couple of weeks for your little one yo turn into the angelic-looking seraph you might have been expecting. From a flat nose to a cone-shaped head (especially protuberant if you were pushing for quite long time) – your little one is beautiful as he is, and his appearance will change quickly over the next weeks. You can ask your healthcare provider about any features that might concern you.

Newborn Senses

five senses of newborn

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All your little one’s senses are at work from the moment he is born, including:

  • His puffy eyes may match yours. But your brand-new baby’s eyes are swollen from childbirth, and maybe the protective antibiotic eye ointment administered right after delivery). His vision is a little blurry – but he can see your face and other close-up stuff. Just make sure to hold them 8 to 12 inches in front of him, which is his range of vision. You may also notice that his eyes sometimes cross. That is because the muscles that control eye movement are not yet fully developed, and it’s nothing to worry about.
  • While it is not entirely developed, he is already familiar with your voice and other noises that he often heard in the womb.
  • His sense of taste is highly developed, and he can differentiate between bitter and sweet – with a preference towards the sweet things (breast milk fit the bill perfectly).
  • Soon after his arrival, he will recognize your scent.
  • This is the most developed sense at birth. Through touch, your little one learns the softness of your face, learns that not a thing is more rewarding than a lovely cuddle and that he is loved by those who care for him.

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