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Your Baby’s growth and development throughout the first seven weeks is both lovely (those cuddles! Those coos!) and dizzying (with all the feeding and crying and diapering, you have got your hands full). Here is your guide to your newborn’s first seven weeks and all its major milestones (first giggle, smile, words, and steps), challenges (teething and colic and diaper rash, oh my!) and more.

Your Newborn’s First Week

newborn first week

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Finally, your big moment came, and your baby came out! Here is a glimpse at your child’s first week of life.

No matter how excited you are to meet this tiny human, don’t be surprised if you are also experiencing nervousness and self-doubt as the reality of the solution (motherhood, that is) sets in. That’s totally normal, so do not expect to know how to do everything right. The most important thing will come naturally (loving your child, that is) and, in time, you will figure out the rest.

What’s Up with Your Little One’s Development?

Well, he is displaying a wide range of newborn reflexes (somewhat strange, but very normal) and he might be temporarily funny-looking (i.e., pointy and/or puffy) after living in your confined uterus for nine months, then squashing through the birth canal. He may also drop some weight (around 5 to 10 percent of his birth weight due to normal post delivery fluid loss) before he starts to gain. And while he may be very, very sleepy at first, he will soon be wide-awake (and not always when you want him to be).

Your Goal Right Now:

Get a hold on breastfeeding or bottle feeding and take sturdy care of yourself (nutrition, hydration, and adequate rest) so you will be at your best while you bond with your baby. Enjoy!

Your 1-Week-Old Baby

1-week-old baby

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How can such a tiny thing make such a big noise? Besides crying, here is what your child is up to in his second week of life.

A newborn’s life is pretty simple: eat, poop, pee, sleep. Oh, and cry – a lot. Bear in mind that crying is the best and only a baby can communicate his needs. Your challenge is to acquire knowledge of how to decode his weepings, so you know the difference between “I am hungry” and “I am uncomfortable.”

What Else Is Your Newborn Up To?

Well, he is probably still doing that weird startle reflex and his umbilical cord may not or may have fallen off (either is normal). If he is circumcised, his penis is healing under your vigilant eyes, and he may have some unusual skin things going on, from white spots to red blotches to acne. Leave them alone, Mum, and they will go away all by themselves. Two things that will not go away are your big, tender boobs if you are breastfeeding. To help cope with nuisance, remind yourself how good breast milk is for your child and try different tactics to soothe your savage breasts. One absolute essential: a sturdy bra that fits right.

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