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Guess what — you are already a natural at caring for your little one (maternal instinct is not a myth!). Start feeling like a parenting professional now with this guide to basic baby care, diapering, complete with tips to keep your infant clean, cozy, and happy.

12 Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

Babies cry for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes it is easy to soothe them down: All it takes is a diaper change, a feeding, a burp, or your calm voice and soft touch to soothe your fussy infant. But then there are other times when your baby — possibly even because he is going through a bout of colic — might seem inconsolable no matter what you do. It might even be enough to lead you to tears, too. But do not lose hope. First, try to figure out the type of baby’s cries and rule out the obvious culprits (like a soiled diaper or an empty tummy) along with any indications of illness that warrant a call to the pediatrician, such as a fever or a runny nose, or pointers of pain, like swollen gums. Still got a crying baby on your hands? Try these are twelve time-tested techniques that will help remove the tears and make you both feel better.

Swaddle Your Baby

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Wrapping your newborn in a receiving blanket keeps your little bundle feeling cozy and secure. Experts think swaddling soothes babies because it creates a womb-like feeling. Many parents find swaddling helps their little ones settle down faster and sleep longer. Some newborns prefer their arms to be out of the swaddle, either because they soothe themselves by sucking their fingers or merely because they like their freedom. You can easily move their tiny arms out of the swaddle by setting them with the blanket’s summit edge at armpit level instead of at chin-level.

6 Tips for Easier Diaper Changes

Is diaper duty getting you down? These tips will make diaper changes go much faster — and more efficiently.

Set Up Stations

Set up stations for diaper changes all the way through your house, so you are not rushing up and down the stairs to your baby’s room to retrieve a diaper or to find the diaper-rash cream when it is time for a change. At each station have nappies, wipes and cream within arm’s reach for easy nappy changing.

Distract Your Baby

No one needs to tell you that infants and toddlers are antsy — especially when it is time for them to lie still for nappy changes. To have an easy nappy changing experience, keep him occupied while you are doing your business. Sing songs, shake a rattle, play peekaboo or hand him a special toy or book saved for a nappy time. All these distractions are sure to make an easy diaper changing, keeping him from wiggling away from you while you are mid-change.

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